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Nicholas Meredith Performance C.V

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Visual Portfolio

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Bachelor of Contemporary Performance (BMus) - Australian Institute of Music - 2004 - 2006

Bachelor of Jazz (BMus) - Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney 2007 – 2012

Masters of Acoustics and Architectural Science - 2020 - present

Australian Art Orchestra Creative Music Intensive – Tasmania, 2019

M.E.S.S Artist in residence - M.E.S.S Melbourne. 2019

‘Kcin’ - FBI Radio Artist of the week. 2019

APRA Art Music Award nominee - 2021


Private Study

Michael Carvin, Bernard Purdie, Ari Hoenig, Mark Guilliana, Greg Hutchinson, Andrew Gander, Simon Barker, Andrew Dickeson, Matt McMahon, Peter Knight, Bae il Dong, Hyelim Kim,


Performances and Collaborations

Anatole, Adrian Klumpes, E^ST, Ben Lee, Dreller, Tangents, New Venusians, WALLACE (NZ), Gideon Bensen, Broken Mountain, Meow Meow, Jesse Redwing, Jimmy Barnes, Julia Jacklin, Lee Kernaghan, Marcus Azon, Jinja Safari, Aaron Flower, AIan Cumming (USA), Dale Barlow, Dave Pannichi, Ian Grandage, Amanda Palmer(USA), Lance Horne (USA), Guineafowl, WILSN, Ben Panucci, Hein Cooper, Deep Sea Arcade, Elizabeth Fader, Montainge, GODTET, Cope Street Parade, Adam Moses, Shea Duncan (USA), Jack Prest, Brendan Clark, Alicia Jane Turner (UK), Marina Elderton (UK), Miles Thomas, Alon Ilsar, Tilman Robinson, Brailleface, Gerard Masters, Steve Barry, Fergus James, Peter Koopman, Merlin Ettoré (DE), Happy Axe, Ben Carey, Kcin, Tim Sheil, Novak Manojlovic, Wawataousa (NO), Not a Boys Name, Alex Lahey, Mikey Kojack, Halfspeed, Gordi, ILUKA


Production and Live Performance

Kcin - Producer, Performer

E^ST - Musical Director, Sound Designer, Drummer

Gordi - Musical Director, Sound Designer, Drummer

ILUKA - Musical Director, Sound Designer, Drummer

Nicholas Meredith - Solo live project - Drums and electronics 


Studio Productions

Kcin - ‘Decade Zero’  - Perform, Produce, Mix,

Kcin - ‘Decade 0.1 (Ambient Mixes)’ - Perform, Produce, Mix, Master

Broken Mountain - ‘Earthquake’ single - Producer, Co-writer, Performer

Broken Mountain - ‘Glory’ single, Co-writer, Co-Producer, Performer

Ebay Australia - Composer/Producer, Social Media Content

Automic Pty ltd - Composer/Producer, In-house content

Fiction Writer - ‘Desire’. Performer, Drums, Synth

Kcin – ‘ONSET’ – Writer, Producer, Performer

Kcin – ‘Without warning, all at once’ live at Golden Retriever – Writer, Producer, Performer, Mixer

Guineafowl - ‘I hope my city loves me still’ - EP - Performer (Drums, Synthesiser), co-writer, co producer.

Deep Sea Arcade – ‘Black Light’ - Performer (Drums, Percussion)

Elizabeth Fader – ‘Encore’ - Drums, Production, Co-writer.

Elizabeth Fader - ‘Midnight Stars’ , ‘Head Over Heart’ - Production, Drums, Keyboards.

Elizabeth Fader - ‘Head Over Heart’ , ‘Head Over Heart’ - Production, Drums, Keyboards.

Patamon - ‘New Island’ - Mix, Master

Kcin and Brendan Clark - ‘New Landscape’ (Focused Silence, UK) - Sound Design, Drums, Drum Machine, Production, Writer, Mixer.

Kcin and Tilman Robinson – ‘Requiem for the Holocene’, (Spirit Level, AU) Drums, Synth, Production, Writer, co-mix engineer,

Salmon Brothers – ‘Legacy Edition’ Writer, Producer, Performer, co-mix engineer (forth coming)

Färgeland (fashion label) - Sound Design, Composition, Mix, Master - Bespoke music for online content.

Georgias Webb – Production, Mix



Kcin - ‘Onset’ - Hospital Hill (AU) 2017

Kcin - ‘Without warning, all at once’ (Independent) 2019

Kcin - ‘Sleeplessness and Hopelessness I’ - Spirit Level (AU) 2019

Kcin - ‘Sleeplessness and Hopelessness II’ - Spirit Level (AU) 2019

Kcin - ‘Bushmaster’ Spirit Level (AU) 2020

Kcin & Tilman Robinson - ‘Requiem for the Holocene’ - forthcoming 2020 Spirit Level (AU)

Kcin & Brendan Clark - ‘New Landscape’ - Focused Silence (UK) 2020

Kcin, Alicia Jane Turner, Marina Elderton - ‘One Day Band’ - Trestle Records (UK)

Nicholas Meredith - ‘Sex as Resistance’ - Independent, 2020

Nicholas Meredith and Matt McGuigan - ‘Receiving Room’ Hospital Hill, 2019

Kcin, Aphir, Tilman Robinson - ‘From Isolation 4’ - Trestle Records (UK) 2020

Nicholas Meredith, Adrian Klumpes - Forthcoming 2021

Kcin - ‘Decade Zero’ - 2021

Kcin ‘Decade Zero’ (Ambient Mixes) - 2021

Elizabeth Fader - ‘Midnight Stars’,  ‘Head Over Heart’ - Production, Drums, Keyboards, Mix

‘Smoulder’ - Percussion, Electronics, Mix. 2021

Brian Fuata - ‘a sheet assil’ - Snare Drum. 2020



‘Kindred Spirits II’ - Compilation - Spirit Level - 2020

‘Kindred Spirits III’ - Compilation - Spirit Level - 2021

Patamon - ‘New Island’ - Mix, Master



Deepchild / Acharné - ‘Innocence and suburbia’ - 2017

e4444e - ‘Luciday’ - 2018

Half Speed - ‘Expectations’ - 2019

Wawautosa - ‘Bright Star’ - 2020 - Spirit Level (AU)

Tilman Robinson - ‘Bartholomew, Glowing’ - forthcoming 2021 - Bedroom Community (IS)


DJ Mixes

Kcin Soft Focus 001

Kcin Soft Focus 002

Kcin - Mix up - Triple J


Online Ad Content

Ebay Australia - Sound Design, Composer, Producer - Social Media Content 

Automic Pty ltd - Sound Design, Recording Engineer, Composer, Producer -In-house content 

‘Woah Woah Woah’ - Short film - Co-Composer, performer 

Gideon Bensen - ‘Cold Cold Heart - LIVE’ - Performer (Drums), Mixer

4 Pines Brewery, Sydney Pole, Oxfam (Forthcoming).



Falls Festival, Ability Fest, Big Sound, Big Pineapple Festival, Big Day Out, Splendour in the grass, Peats Ridge Festival, Newtown Festival, Sydney Festival, Sydney Fringe Fest, Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Goods, Your and Owls, Love Me, Come Together - NY, Waves (Austria), CMJ – LA, Culture Collide – NY, Curveball, Beyond Fest, Big Day Out, Future Music, Field Day, NYE on the hill, Groove In The Moo and many more... 



Tours with various artists supporting – Amy Shark, Portugal the man, Big Scary, The Internet, Panic! at the disco, Ball Park Music, The Grates, Foster the people, Meg Mac, The Wailers, Tangents, Ladyhawk, Allday, The Wombats, Gordi, Richard Clapton, Vera Blue, Lime Cordiale ... 


Studio Experience 

I’ve worked in a range of situations on both sides of the mixing desk with producers such as Tony Buchan, Sam Dixon, Tilman Robinson, Dave Hammer, Burke Reid, Paul McKercher, Lachlan Carrick, Richard Belkner, Daniel Rejmer, John Paul Fung, Stephen Mowat, Jack Prest, Wayne Connelly, Thomas Rawle, Simon Berkelman



Private audio production and drum tutor. (Education CV available upon request).

Hospital Hill - Boutique Sydney record label. Social media content, business development and general label duties.

Spirit Level - Voted Australia’s best independent record label. Assistance with label development and curation of label contact lists and media outreach.

Proficiency with DAWs’ - Ableton Live, Logic, Pro tools, Reaper, Wwise, Unity, AARAE Max/MSP.

Location Sound recordist – 2019.

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