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Music Tutor

Redham House, Edgecliff | 2018 - present

Macarthur Anglican College 2020 - present

Marist College Kograh - 2021 - present

Evergreen Music, Brookvale | 2016 - 2019

Five Dock Music School | 2015

Music Makers, Gordon | 2015

Trinity Grammar School | 2016

Killarney Heights High School | 2015

Davidson High School | 2015

Meriden College | 2014 - 2015

Meriden College, Strathfield | 2014 – 2015

McDonald College, Strathfield | 2014 

San Souci Public School | 2014

Coogee Bay Public School | 2014

Wenona School | 2013 - 2014 


Private audio and drum tuition for a coeducational student cohort aged 7-18.

Plan, prepare and deliver lessons on musical theory (music reading) and drum practice (technique and musicality) for individuals and small groups. 

Teach students the fundamentals of music technique, 
rhythm, melody, and chords, through both formal methodologies and creative practices. 

Manage self-guided study and practice, as well as basics in music production, composition and recording.

Supported curriculum guided study, school audition
preparation and performance preparation. 

Monitor, report and communicate with faculty staff and parents on student progress.

Develop and deliver lessons in musical theory (music reading); drum practice (technique and rhythm); self-guided study and practice. 

Provided support in curriculum guided study. 

Assisted with school audition preparation and performance preparation. 

Assisted in curriculum guided study as well as school auditions and performance preparation.

HSC performance preparation, as well as preparations for on campus HSC events and performances. 

Coordination and directing of school’s percussion ensemble, with group learning of 15-25 students at a time. 

Teachings in curriculum-guided learning, including basics in rhythm, percussion and ensemble performance. 

Direction and development of the percussion section of the school’s concert band. 

Management of the ensemble management and coordination of events and performances. 

Direction and development of the percussion section of the school’s concert band. 

Planning, preparation and delivery of group curriculum- guided learning. 

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